The Flourish Ebook Bundle
You have to conquer yourself and your thoughts before you can conquer your money.
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What's Included:
The Flourish Ebook unexpectedly allowed me to have my first $10k month...

I created the flourish ebook to help everyday people who were struggling to hit their financial goals.  

I knew that my friends, colleagues, and followers wanted to grow, but they were struggling to expand beyond their thoughts and beliefs. 

The ebook was created in March to give people hope that even during a pandemic, there is so much possibility and opportunity available for those who are willing to believe it and look for it. 

1-2 months later I've experienced more joy and financial freedom than I have in my entire life. 

I know that I'm incredibly privileged to thrive during these chaotic times. But it's not by accident. 

With this ebook and everything else it includes, you'll learn how to thrive any time, any place and in any economy. 

You already know how to work hard with your hands. Now it's time to learn how to work with your mind. For 10 bucks it honestly can't hurt. 
The Flourish Ebook walks you through the 5 stages of flourishing from beginning to end so that you can start thriving instead of just surviving. 

Once your lessons are complete, you will walk through a 7- Day guided Money Meditation to help you solidify the lessons you've learned. 
Ebook + 7 Day Guided Meditation
Have you ever read something but you didn't really take it in? 

I know I have! 

The Flourish workbook is designed to help you bring the ebook to your everyday life so you don't just read it. You actually live it. 
The Flourish Workbook
Checklists are perfect when you're starting a new habit because they quickly direct focus and actions.

This checklist highlights important affirmations that will help you transform your money mindset. If you don't get to read your ebook or do your meditation, the check list will help to temporarily fill in the gap.
The Flourish Checklist
During Covid - Crisis
ONLY $47
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